Travel Tips with an Ostomy or IBD

Travel Tips with an Ostomy or IBD

Elaine shares her travel tips with an Ostomy or IBD Crohn’s Colitis. She has traveled to many parts of the world while she had Crohn’s disease and with her ostomy.

As well as her independent explorations, she also leads international yoga and wellness retreats. Discover what she does in regard to flying, supplies, medications.

Plus you’ll learn about her experience flying from USA to Ireland during Covid.

Be prepared for your future trips and join Elaine on this journey. Exploring the globe is something Elaine has been doing for 30 years.

Travel Tips with an Ostomy or IBD

Medications when traveling

Make sure you have amply supplies of your medications. If you were to have a flare-up then have what you need. If you are on a transfusion schedule then take that into consideration when you book your flights.

If you are going abroad for an extended period of time and you are unable to have enough medication for the duration, then research how you can access medication or a doctor that can prescribe in that country.

Ostomy Supplies when traveling

Just as with medications, make sure you have plenty of extra Ostomy Supplies. You might find it difficult to obtain the brand you use in another country. If you typically change twice per week then bring enough to change  4 times per week. So double your amount. You never know when you might have a food reaction or get a tummy bug due drinking water or ice. Also when eating different food you may find that your output is different.

Where to keep your Ostomy Supplies when Flying

Keep all your supplies, when possible in your carry on luggage. That way if your checked luggage gets lost you will not be in such a panic. You may have a smaller bag that you keep by your feet and one that you put in the overhead bin. I keep an emergency supply bag kit in my smaller day-pack that I keep by my feet and all the other supplies in the overhead bin.

Before you Fly

Change your appliance either the day before your flight or the morning of your flight. Typically I will change the morning of only if I have an afternoon or evening flight. You want to make sure that it is adhering properly to prevent leakage or last minute changes. So give yourself at least 4 hours to make sure there are no issues before you leave for the airport.

Airport Security

There is a special TSA Communication card you can download to show security personnel at the airport.

Sometimes you may get patted down. Try not to take offense. These people are doing there job and I’m always grateful if I get patted down because it means they are paying attention.

Most countries permit a certain length of scissors in carryon luggage. I always bring my ostomy scissors but I put it in the liquid bag so security can see it. Otherwise they will typically search the carryon bag.


Flying during Covid-19/Corona Virus

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