Ostomy High Output, Pancaking and Other Challenges

High Ostomy Output, Pancaking and Other Challenges

Ostomy Output

High Ostomy Output, Pancaking and other challenges can be debilitating for ostomates. You may have feelings of embarrassment, shame, exhaustion or despair that you will never get things under control. It can prevent you from doing activities or meeting people.

Ostomy Nurse Anita joins Elaine to discuss the different ostomy output challenges that ostomates face.

Learn what you can do about pancaking, high ostomy output, different consistencies and type of stool as well as bag ballooning up.  Discover different ostomy bag options such as filters or no filters, open and closed end pouches and much more.

You can watch the full episode here.

What are some output challenges

Output challenges can include but are not limited to:

  1. High output which leads to having to empty your pouch frequently
  2. Pancaking which can be more frequent for colostomies
  3. Gas issues which leads to bag ballooning up

What is Pancaking

Pancaking is when stool accumulates around the stoma and doesn’t want to fall into the bag. It is more common with colostomy but can occur with than ileostomy.  You might feel like you are always trying to push the stool down into the bag.

Some remedies are to put some lubricating deodorant into the pouch to help the stool slide down easier or to try a convex barrier can help.

Filters on pouch/bag

Sometimes a filter on pouch can cause too much of a vacuum which might lead to pancaking. But you can blow a bit of air into the bag before you put it on. Alternatively, you can put a the little cover over the filter or you can get a non-filter bag.

Filters can be useful if you are experiencing a lot of gas which lead to your pouch ballooning.

High Output

This is usually experienced with an ileostomy or short bowel syndrome. There are high output pouches available with a sprout/drain at the end or you can cut the drain off and use a clip. There are fecal drainage bags that can be very useful at night so that you can get some sleep. You need to be mindful on dehydration issues with high output.

Make sure to watch the video to see demonstrations and what the different pouches look like.

Ostomy Leaks and Skin Breakdown

To learn more about ostomy leaks and skin breakdown then see my blog: https://elaineorourke.com/ostomy-leaks-and-skin-breakdown/

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