New with an Ostomy

New with an Ostomy

There are so many questions and concerns as a newbie with an ostomy. There is a huge learning curve along with finding ways to adapt to this new lifestyle. Cultivating more patience and acceptance is part of the journey too.

Elaine’s special guest is Sara McKinnon who just got her emergency ileostomy in July. In this Episode of “Ostomy & IBD Life” you will hear how she is getting on and the insight she has already gained. You’ll also hear of the fun Elaine and Sara have swimming!

What is it like working directly with Elaine?

Sara shares how working with Elaine has helped her so much already and she is only a few months post-surgery.

Knowing Elaine personally and seeing all that she has done over the years gave Sara hope and inspiration from the get go. She even describes Elaine as her “Ostomy Guru”.

She is able to ask Elaine all sorts of questions from right after her surgeries, such as get advice on supplies, learn tips that she didn’t know yet, and most of all having Elaine as a role model and her guide through all of this.

Sara is a client in Elaine’s program “Surviving to Thriving: Overcoming Ostomy Challenges so you Can Live a FulFilling Life”. Already she is learning to face and move through so much of the emotional and mental chatter of having an ostomy. In fact, Sara is doing tremendously well with a great outlook. She is swimming all the time, not afraid of how she looks nor concerned with what other people think.

Being able to discuss things as they come up directly with Elaine makes it so much easier and faster to embrace life with an ostomy.

Gratitude is a really important factor and something that Elaine highlights in her program. Sara already incorporates this as part of her daily ritual.

If you are interested in finding out more about “Surviving to Thriving” then check out the webpage or set up a time to talk to Elaine directly.

Initial questions and concerns with an ostomy

The first concerns are usually about supplies. Being aware that you may need to try many different brands and types until something really works for you. Most of the supply companies can send you free samples.

Remember your stoma size changes over the first few months. This will mean measuring your stoma size each time and cutting your flange to the right fit. If you are experiencing any leaks then check out Leaks and Skinbreak blog and video.

You will have to consult with your health insurance provider to see what supplies are covered.

The words you use are powerful

Being mindful how the words you use is something that both Elaine and Sara value. Elaine has been Crohn’s free since 2006 and hence doesn’t identifying with having the disease anymore. If you keep saying you have a disease, then that is the reality that you keep creating and nurturing. Whereas using the power of visualization and the reality of what you want to create is what you actually want to focus your mind and energy on. Elaine refers to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza throughout her programs as he has been working in this field for decades as well as doing the science behind it.

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