Ostomy Leaks and Skin Breakdown

Ostomy Leaks and Skin Breakdown

Elaine and Ostomy Nurse Anita (www.AnitaNurse.com) discuss Ostomy Leaks and Skin Breakdown in this Video from the Ostomy & IBD Life Live Show.

There is so much valuable information in this fantastic interview. It is a must see for every ostomate whether you new to Ostomy Life or a seasoned ostomate.

Elaine has had her ileostomy since 2005 due to Crohns disease and has her fair share of leaks over the years.

She knows those feelings of shame, embarrassment, frustration how it can be degrading and even lead to a lack of confidence. These are issues that she addresses directly and in detail in her “Surviving to Thriving: ¬†Overcoming Ostomy Challenges so You Can Live a FulFilling Life” program.

But in this interview you will learn to ways to figure out the physical problems or having leaks and skin breakdown.

Please note this is for educational purposes and this is not direct medical advice. Always consult your medical team or seek 1-on-1 consultation, which is available through Nurse Anita.

In this video we cover:

  • Reasons why leaks they happen
  • How to know if you are getting a good fit with your appliance
  • How to apply your wafer/flange correctly
  • How to figure out where your leak might be stemming from
  • What skin breakdown looks like
  • How to do crusting for skin breakdown around your stoma
  • Plus lots more great information

If you are having persistent leaks then you can contact Nurse Anita for 1-on-1 consults www.anitanurse.com (this is her correct web address) or visit your ostomy nurse.

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Please note that the correct web address for Nurse Anita is: www.AnitaNurse.com.
(Her address is listed incorrectly during the video)