Role of Colonoscopy and Patient Support

Role of Colonoscopy and Patient Support

With Crohn’s disease, Colitis or an Ostomy you may still need to have a Colonoscopy. It helps detect inflammation, how disease is presenting itself and cancer.

My SISTER, Jeannine Murphy, RN specializes in GI Endoscopy nursing and explains the role of having a colonoscopy and patient support.  There is so much great content so make sure to watch this video.

Importance of Patient Support

Jeannine has been my nurse, care-giver, sister, advocate and without her I don’t know how I would have gotten my darkest times.

We talk about patient support, brain fog when you are ill, and witnessing a loved one going through life-threatening disease.

It is helpful to have someone with you at appointments. When you are sick it is difficult to retain information. It is hard to process a serious diagnosis such as cancer or being told you have to get an ostomy. Brain fog is a real thing.

It’s invaluable to have the help of family or friends when you are an in-patient. My experience was that the nursing staff are run off their feet and don’t usually have time to attend to everyone’s needs. If possible have people to help you when you are in hospital, yet people that don’t require that you entertain them.

Some people thrive on having visitors, whereas other people find it draining. Remember you need to heal your body. If you find yourself depleted after visitors then consider restricting who comes to see you.

Why you should get a Colonoscopy

The importance of these procedures for follow-up with IBD (Crohn’s disease/Colitis), cancer screening is imperative. Your blood work doesn’t always show or indicate that there is inflammation.

Can you have a Colonoscopy with an ostomy?

Yes, it is possible to have a colonoscopy if you have an ostomy. The scope is put through your stoma. But please remember to bring extra Ostomy Supplies. The medical facilities don’t have a full array of supplies. It is really important to bring your own as back up.

Sedation and discomfort

Nurse Jeannine gives insight about sedation, what to do if you’ve a previous history of abdominal surgeries and discomfort in procedures. Let the medical team know ahead of time. Make sure to talk through your concerns.

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