Release Stress and Relaxation Tips

Release Stress and Relaxation Tips

with an Ostomy or IBD (Crohn’s disease/Colitis)

Stress can wreck havoc on the body and when you have IBD it is even more important to know how to handle your stress levels, to release stress and learn relaxation tips.

Let’s face it, stress is a part of life and you need a certain amount of it.  You need to be resilient, to react swiftly if you are in danger. But when you are consistently in flight, flight or freeze mode then the stress hormones become harmful.

Having an ostomy brings up a lot of emotions and when you don’t know how to release these emotions effectively then they can cause disruptions in the whole body.

The adrenals love routine so when you don’t have one this also causes stress. Little things are often more harmful as they accumulate and you may not even be aware how your body is reacting.

How to release stress and relax

Elaine discusses the importance of recognizing and reducing stress with an Ostomy, Crohn’s Disease, Colitis (IBD) in this video. How the mental chatter and emotions affects the physical body and overall well-being.

Such as simple thing as proper breathing iss so helpful plus most people don’t know how to actually breathe properly. Focusing on the breath also helps to calm the body-mind.

Elaine guides you through a guided breathing technique to help relax the body. Also she teach a really cool way to reduce stress using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping).

She is a certified EFT practitioner and Yoga Instructor.


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