Access to Ostomy Supplies

Access to Ostomy Supplies

Access to Ostomy Supplies

Having access to Ostomy Supplies is crucial for the Ostomate. You cannot be without your supplies. You cannot function without your supplies.
This causes so much extra stress. There is already so much to deal with. Navigating the health insurance world is very difficult and overwhelming. But it might be necessary in order to get the right amount of supplies. 

Your emergency kit

In the below video, Elaine shows you how to have an emergency kit and how it makes your life easier. She has had her ileostomy since 2005. Deb Fox is her guest who explains what Ostomy 211 is and its function.

Not having enough Supplies

Not everyone’s supplies are covered by insurance. Some people go through products faster due to chemo or leaks. Their insurance doesn’t cover that amount of supplies.
This is so stressful for the ostomate. It would be like telling a diabetic that they can’t have their medicine.

What is Ostomy 211

Ostomy 211 is  your home for Ostomy Resources.  Deb Fox, the founder, explains in this video how the organization got started.
They accept donations of  extra unused ostomy supplies. You can also donate money to help with shipping costs.
If you need extra supplies then please contact them directly. 
They will discuss about supplies, the function of Ostomy 211 and how you may be able to get help.

Ostomy Leaks

If you are experiencing Ostomy Leaks then read and watch the video with Nurse Anita.


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