Men’s Health Sexual Issues and Fertility with IBD or Ostomy

Men’s Health Sexual Issues and Fertility with IBD or Ostomy

Men’s Health Sexual Issues

When it comes to Men’s Health, sexual issues and fertility with IBD or an Ostomy is not commonly talked about. But we are giving voice to this much needed topic.  Learn how IBD or any chronic disease affects male sexual function, how medications can play into erectile dysfunction and fertililty. How surgeries can affect men’s sexual health and function.   We talk about body Image, intimacy, sexual issues, and dating which are relevant for all genders. Make sure to watch full Episode for all details.

Dr. Neil Nandi, GI specialist at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, joins Elaine to discuss Men’s Health with IBD or an Ostomy in the below Episode of Ostomy & IBD Life. Dr. Nandi is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at University of Pennsylvania. He has so much experience in this field and is a wealth of information. His Instagram is: @fitwitmd 

Affects of a Diagnosis of IBD on libido

It has been shown that any diagnosis of IBD or chronic illness have decreased libido. Complications of the disease plays into libido. Men typically don’t talk about it so much and so there isn’t as much research. But there can be fistulizing disease to the scrotum in men. Just as in all genders pain, low body image, fatigue is a factor.

IBD and other medications with fertility and sexual desire

Most IBD medications don’t affect mens sexual health. Most biologics don’t have an impact on sexual function. But A-Sulfazine can an impact on your sperm and the motility of sperm.   If this is the case then talk to your doctor as you could have your medication changed and sperm motility can be regained.

Prednisone has a lot of side affect such as decreased libido, affects on physical appearance with weight gain and more that can affect how we perceive ourselves.

Other medications may affect libido such as anti-depressants.

IBD and ability to achieve arousal

Arousal for all genders can depend on many things such as body image, confidence, medications, and anatomical reasons. There is help through therapy such as pelvic floor physical therapy and talking with someone like Elaine to help with the mental and emotional chatter. These things can be within your control. Stereotypically men don’t ask for help. But there is help in this regard. See blog on Sexual Issues and Pelvic Floor for all genders.

Same Sex Issues

This can be very challenging when it comes to anal sex. If you have a flare up then its advised to obtain from anal sex but there can be anal foreplay. Other health conditions can also come into play and affect ability to have anal sex.

Issues with an ostomy and sexual function

If there have had some surgery near rectum or some removal of rectum may lead to some erectile dysfunction, but it is not common. You should ask your surgeon about this. Also deeper pelvic surgery, may increase the risk to the nerves involved with erection. If you are planning on having a family, you may wish to have sperm frozen if you are having a full protocolectomy. Again talk to your doctor. People with Urostomies may experience dry orgasm but should not experience erectile dysfunction.

Viagara can be useful, as can penis pumps or penis rings which Dr. Nandi explains.

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